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VELUX Soft Shutter

Sleep better and keep your room
cool on warm sunny days

VELUX Soft Shutter

Sleep better and keep your room
cool on warm sunny days

VELUX Soft Shutter

From €427.65 €521.52
  • Contributes for better sleeping, day or night
  • Remote control and solar powered
  • Ideal for bedrooms and children's rooms
  • Energy efficient
  • Modern Design

  • Operations

    • Solar
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    • 0000
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    Frequently asked questions

    • Remote controlled blinds
      • When should I select solar powered blinds?

        VELUX solar powered blinds are a perfect match for VELUX manually operated roof windows and for VELUX solar powered roof windows. As the blind comes with a remote control and has a battery that is charged by the sun, it is also ideal for windows that are hard to reach or where you want to adjust the incoming light often. No wiring needed.

    • General information about the blinds
      • Is a soft shutter the right solution for my room and needs

        The VELUX soft shutter blocks the sun's rays before they hit your window pane and helps  keeping your home cool on warm, sunny days. The durable light-tight fabric provides blackout for a better night’s sleep. Contemporary design integrates perfectly into the roof and comes complete with a pre-paired remote wall switch for easy operation and fast, hassle-free installation.

    • Miscellaneous
      • How do I identify the brand and size of my window?

        To identify the brand, type and size of a window already installed in your home, look at the reference on the window plate at the top of your window. The window plates differ in appearance depending on the model of your window. For an illustration and explanation of a VELUX window plate, visit our "Size Finder", where you might use our size chart to identify the code for your VELUX roof window.

        Itzala blinds not only fit VELUX and FAKRO roof windows, but Keylite, Dakstra, Dakea and RoofLITE as well. However, Keylite does not list the size on the identification plate. Keylite uses a production number. You will need to measure the internal pane size and use this chart to find the correct code.

    • Installing a blind
      • Can you help me find installation instructions

        If you are looking for specific installation instructions, you should be able to find them on the relevant product pages. You can also go to our installation page, where you can find installation instructions for all of the products listed and sold in the e-shop. The instructions are provided in PDF format and for some products we also have installation walk-through videos.


    VELUX soft shutter is remote controlled and solar powered. It is operated the pre-paired wall switch that is supplied with the shutter. 


    Transparent Semi-transparent Opaque Dimout Blackout All levels of transparency
    Available in durable, light-tight fabric with support bars and side rails in dark grey aluminium. ​