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Size finder

For a perfect fit, you need to discover the reference on the window type sign at the top of the window. You will need to record this information for the order process.

Find the right size blind for your roof window

The below illustration shows a VELUX window type sign. Type signs differ in appearance depending on the model of your window. Most roof window manufaturers include a type sign like this on their windows that shows the window type and size. To order a blind you will need to specify: Window type and window size. E.g. GGL M08 as below.

Can't find the code for your VELUX roof window?

If for some reason the type sign is missing on your VELUX roof window, you can use this size chart to find the size code for your window.

If in doubt as to what your roof window reference code is, please do contact our customer service at customerservices@itzala.com for advice.

Find the right size for your Keylite roof window

Itzala value blinds also fit Keylite roof windows. However it is not so straightforward to find the correct size blind for a Keylite window because they do not list the size on the type sign like the other manufacturers. If you want to buy a blind for your Keylite window you therefore need to measure the internal glass size to find out which blind to buy. Just measure the width and height (in millimetres), and then choose the brand Dakea and use the corresponding code to get a perfect fit.

Keylite code Nominal size (mm) Visible pane dimensions (mm) Corresponding Dakea code Available Itzala blind type
01 550×780 371×531 C2A blackout/roller/venetian
02 550×980 371×731 C4A blackout/roller/venetian
03 660×1180 481×931 F6A blackout/roller/venetian
03A 660×780 481×531 F6A only roller blind
03B 660×980 481×731 F6A only roller blind
04 780×980 601×731 M4A blackout/roller/venetian
04A 780×780 601×531 M4A only roller blind
04G 780×1600 601×1351 M4A only roller blind
05 780×1180 601×931 M6A blackout/roller/venetian
06 780×1400 601×1151 M8A blackout/roller/venetian
08 1140×1180 961×931 S6A blackout/roller/venetian
08A 1140×780 961×531 S6A only roller blind
08B 1140×980 961×731 S6A only roller blind
08F 1140×1400 961×1151 S8A blackout/roller/venetian
09 1340×980 1161×731 U4A blackout/roller/venetian
09A 1340×780 1161×531 U4A only roller blind
09C 1340×1180 1161×931 U4A only roller blind
10 1340×1400 1161×1151 U8A blackout/roller/venetian