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VELUX Insect Screens

VELUX Insectnet for Roof windows

VELUX Insect Screens

VELUX Insect Screens

From €82.91 €131.61
  • Keeps the insects outside
  • Transparent fabric allows incoming daylight
  • Recommended for all types of rooms
  • Possible to combine with other VELUX blinds
  • High quality insect screen 100% effective

  • Operations

    • Manual
    (See below)


    • Black net with transparent effect
    (See below)

    • General information about the blinds
      • Can I combine the insect screen with a VELUX blind?

        The VELUX insect screen can be combined with all VELUX interior blinds for additional light control. The insect screen can also be combined with VELUX awning blinds and roller shutters for additional heat protection. The VELUX insect screen is installed onto the interior wall, not directly onto the window. If you have another blind installed, you're free to roll it up and down and open and close your window as you like. If your window and/or blind is manually operated, the insect screen has to be rolled up when opening or closing the window.

        If you have an open centre-pivot window, we recommend that you lock the window in the open or closed position with the barrel bolts to avoid damage to the window or to insect screen.

      • Is an insect screen the right solution for my room and needs?

        The VELUX insect screen keeps unwanted visitors such as flies and insects out, while allowing you to enjoy fresh air from an open roof window. The insect screen is installed directly onto the wall. It is made of a durable, transparent net that is easy to clean and doesn't block your view or incoming light. When not in use, the net is neatly stowed away in the sleek top casing. We recommend an insect screen for all rooms that you would like to keep well ventilated and insect free.

      • What do I have to take into consideration when thinking of purchasing a VELUX insect screen?

        The main purpose of the VELUX insect screen is to keep all unwanted visitors such as flies and insects at bay while allowing you to enjoy fresh air from an open roof window. VELUX insect screens cover the whole window area and are made of a durable transparent net fabric that won't obstruct your view. As a result, there are two things to be aware of when choosing a VELUX insect screen.

        1. You will need an additional blind if you want to control the amount of daylight coming in to your room. VELUX insect screens can easily be combined with a VELUX blind for daylight regulation.

        2. The VELUX insect screen is installed onto the interior wall, not directly onto the window. When ordering an insect screen, measure the width of the window opening on the interior wall to find the correct size insect screen. Insect screens are available in various widths with the following three heights: 1600 mm, 2000 mm and 2400 mm. The height, but not the width, is adjustable. If you have a window with vertical elements, you will need two insect screens and an additional installation kit. Please note: In most cases you will need to cut the insect screen to match the size of your window opening.


    Manual operation with control bar and stepless positioning

    The VELUX insect screen is manually operated with the help of a control bar. Simply place your hand on the bar and pull it up or down. It is attached to a top casing and runs in side channels that ensure a smooth operation. When not in use, you stove the insect screen away in the top casing.


    Transparent Semi-transparent Opaque Dimout Blackout All levels of transparency
    0000 -
    8888 -
    : Transparent