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VELUX Accessories

On this page you will find VELUX accessories that can be of great help if you have a VELUX roof window that is hard to reach, if you want to enhance safety or simply give your VELUX roof window a touch-up.

Please note that VELUX accessories are not compatible with Itzala branded blinds and roof windows from other manufacturers than VELUX.

VELUX poles & adaptors

Extension piece for telescopic rod control (ZCT 100)

If your rod control ZCT 200 isn't long enough, you can add this 100cm extension piece and thereby make your extension rod as long as 280 cm.

  • Extension piece for telescopic rod control ZCT 200
  • 100 cm. long
  • Colour: aluminium

Telescopic rod control for VELUX roof windows and blinds (ZCT 200K)

If you have a manually operated VELUX roof window or blind that is out of reach, you can use this telescopic rod control to operate your window or blind. The rod is 100 cm long and can be elongated to 180 cm.

Please note that the VELUX Telescopic Rod is not compatible with Itzala blinds.

  • Used to operate a VELUX blind or GGL/GGU centre pivot roof window placed out of reach
  • Maximum length: 180 cm
  • Colour: aluminium

Adaptor for manually operated blinds with control bar (ZOZ 085)

If you have a manually operated blind that is out of reach and want to use a telescopic rod control to operate your blind, simply attach this adaptor to the aluminium handle bar on the blind. Please bear in mind that you will have to require a separate adaptor for each blind you have. Note! The picture is only an illustration, the telescopic pole is NOT part of the package

  • Used to operate a manual VELUX blind placed out of reach - one adaptor per blind required
  • Fits the following blinds: DKL, DKU, DG, DJ, DFD, RFL, RFU, FHL, FHU, FPL, FL, FFU, FPN, PAL, PAU, FHC, and ZIL
  • Colour: aluminium

VELUX security & locks

VELUX security lock (ZOZ 012K1)

If you want to enhance the safety of your roof window and home beyond the general safety level, you can easily fit this safety lock made of steel in your window frame yourself. When the safety device is locked, it is not possible to open the sash, but the ventilation function of the window will still work.

Attention! Please note that this security lock does NOT fit VELUX top-hung roof windows.

To check what type of VELUX roof window you have, you need to locate the type sign on your window by opening the sash. If the first three letters are GPL, GPU, GHL or GHU, you cannot use this lock.

  • Simple lock that reinforces the 'click shut' mechanism on your VELUX roof window
  • For all generation of VELUX GGL and GGU centre-pivot roof windows
  • Does not fit the VELUX roof window types GPL, GPU, GHL and GHU

Control systems

Control system for an electrically operated VELUX blind or awning blind (KUX 110)

This control system is applicable for operation of an electrically operated blind or awning blind in a manually operated VELUX roof window. Warning! Please note that professional electrician might be required to install this product.

  • For electrically operated blinds or awning blinds in manually operated VELUX roof windows
  • For operation of one product only
  • Remote control included