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Need to cool down your room? Explore our Awning Blinds options

Warmer days are finally here!

But while we appreciate the heat, sizzling summer days are difficult to endure, no matter where you are located. Excessively hot rooms can compromise a good night’s sleep and overall comfort indoors. To avoid the discomfort and to assure your moments of relaxation is important to find the right solutions. One of them is choosing the right heat-protection blinds.

Heat protection blinds or anti-heat blinds, such as awning blinds, are effective alternatives for keeping your room cool and breezy. They can significantly improve your indoor comfort leaving the heat out and offering some relief inside.

At ITZALA shop you can find the perfect solution to your needs.

Awning Blinds - your ideal heat protection blinds 

Awning blinds are specifically designed to reduce incoming heat and stop the sun even before it hits the window pane. The blind is installed from the outside and can be rolled up when it’s not being used. The semi-transparent black fabric is extremely resistant and cuts out the direct rays of sun, still allowing full visibility to the outside.

Besides being a great anti-heat solution, awning blinds can also help reduce our annual cooling energy costs. Finally, awning blinds help prevent UV rays from damaging your indoor furniture and flooring that may be exposed to the sunlight.

At ITZALA shop you will find Itzala Awning blinds and VELUX awning blinds. Explore your options:

Long lasting performance - VELUX awning blinds:

  • Reduces heat from the sun by 73%
  • Top quality fabric, 100% polyester, for long lasting performance
  • Can be manual, electric and solar operated (according to your needs!)
  • Electric and solar operated blinds have a lacquered aluminium top cover – beautiful design
  • Manually operated do not have side channels and can be hidden within the top cover
  • Perfect high-quality solution to keep your room cool and reduce the heat from the sun on hot summer days
  • 3 years guarantee


Find how VELUX awning blinds work


Quality low cost value - ITZALA awning blinds:

  • Effective heat reduction blind – perfect solution at a lower price!
  • Quality fabric rot proof and dirt resistant
  • Manual operation available with hooks only
  • Discreetly fitted inside the hood of the window, so the blind is protected when not in use
  • Itzala awning blinds are designed specifically for use only with VELUX roof windows
  • 2 years guarantee



 Itzala awning blinds can be the ideal solution for your budget!

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